Ruggables Review

Ruggables Review


When it involves big home purchases, rugs are one of the most important. So, when the editors at HGTV heard about Ruggable’s washable rugs, we had to urge our hands on some to check them out. Read on to ascertain what we thought after trying out Ruggable in our homes.

How Does It Feel?

The texture is vital during a rug, we know! The rugs are very flat and thin with a soft, chenille feel and are made up of polyester. If you are looking for an opulent, padded option, these aren’t for you. If, however, you would like a rug that’s easy to wash, lightweight and low-profile, Ruggable rugs fit the bill.

Ruggables Review


Machine Washable
Interchangeable designs
Easy to vacuum
Doesn’t slide on hardwood


Curling on edges & corners
Feels thin underfoot
Designs not proportional
Pay to return
Long drying time
Shipping time “iffy”

Is It Really Washable?

Yes! and maybe even more surprising, it does slot in a typical washer. I tested two sizes: 5’x7′ and 3’x5′, and both easily fit (separately) into my top-loading washer. However, it’s important to treat stains as soon as they happen, a bit like the other stainable material. The rugs are washable, yes, but not resistant to permanent stain.

Is It well worth the Price?

Yes and no. As far as rugs go, Ruggable prices are like Target and World Market but promise a washable feature that the opposite brands don’t. for his or her durability and elegance, we felt that these rugs were definitely well worth the price.

Can it be Vacuumed?

Yes and no. High-suction voids, like my cordless Dyson and Shark hardwood floor accessory, just pulled up the rug off the slip mat and therefore the floor, which created another problem rather than solving one. But within the standard, upright brush roll mode my Shark Rotator vacuum worked just fine on the rug.

Ruggables Review


If you’re anything like me, you wish to redecorate. Often. Redecorating with rugs can get pricey, fast. Although Ruggable rugs are often slightly pricey to start out out from scratch, redecorating is far cheaper. you’ll switch out the highest layer for newer, bolder, or more subtle designs, supported the season or your chapter in life. We haven’t done this yet, but the convenience is worth mentioning in any Ruggable review.


Like most, I used to be incredibly excited to receive my Ruggable rugs within the mail. I used to be tempted to urge on YouTube directly, and post a Ruggable review about the pros & cons I’d noticed so far. However, I made a decision to carry off for touch in favor of a Ruggable review that takes under consideration the wear and tear & tear of everyday doggie life. I’m glad I did, because since beginning Ruggable rugs 6 months ago, we’ve noticed a couple of more pros & cons emerge.