Reviews Reviews Reviews Reviews Reviews: Parsleybox tried not so long ago to find a selection of ready meals to the mother of Gordon who lived alone. We were concerned that her food was healthy so I began to look around for the food.

The more we looked, the more concerned we were about frozen foods. We couldn’t help thinking that we had to enjoy healthy food better, easier and safer. Reviews Reviews

We have therefore created Parsley Box-a shelver has shipped delicious meals and ordered them on-line.We know that you need to save time. Parsley Box meals are heated for just a few minutes.

You will find our food is also of great value, as it is very budget-friendly. We hope that as much as we enjoy making them for you, you enjoy our meals. Reviews

Our slow cooked meals can be kept in your wardrobe for up to six months and are wrapped to seal them in goodness and flavour. Even no refrigerator or freezer are needed!

Parsley box meals with fresh ingredients and without the use of unnecessary preservatives are prepared. In our UK-based kitchen, we cook all our dishes in small lots. Reviews Reviews

In order to be prepared for the pressure cooking process, we cook all our items using a creative packaging method.

Food is cooked with pressure to guarantee the colour, fragrance and taste – preserving the whole taste!

You can quickly heat our meals in just 2 minutes in the microwave or get in the oven if you like. It’s so fast, so easy!