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Parsley Smoothie

’m not giving up coffee, chocolate, wine, or long island iced teas no matter what studies may inevitably say about them. But I also eat sardines and take fish oil pills because I know they are healthy, insist on buying certain kinds of butter, eggs, and meat and eat close to enough kale to keep some farmers in business around here.

But yesterday I took my healthy eating to a new level by putting copious amounts of greens into a smoothie. And no not just any greens, because yes I’ve definetely shoved spinach into a smoothie before.

Parsley Smoothie
Parsley Smoothie



That is so something the latter healthy eater would do.


Parsley has tons of health benefits and provides (% of RDA per 100 g):

38% of folate
220% of vitamin C
281% of vitamin A
1366% of vitamin K
14% of calcium,
77.5% of iron
5054 mcg of carotene-beta

And that aforementioned smoothie contained blueberries, grapefruit, bushels of parsley, almond butter, almond milk, and avocado, sorry no exact recipe I don’t measure when smoothie-ing. It was delicious and no parsley flavor could be detected. The grapefruit was prominent though and I think an orange would have been tastier instead because it was a little bitter for my liking.


Try throwing in a handful or two into your next smoothie to reap all those health benefits.


*There were no wheat grass shots consumed in the making of this post. Nor will there ever be.


What kind of “healthy eater” do you consider yourself (if at all!)? Do you eat certain foods or take supplements just for the health benefits or do you just shoot for a well rounded diet and not stress out too much about it?

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