How To Buy Flattering Jeans Online

71 percent of women love to shop for the best deals online, according to, but some shy away from buying jeans via the Web because they can’t try them on first. Any mom who avoids buying jeans online should know that it’s more than possible to purchase ultra-flattering jeans without pulling them on in a change room first. This quick guide will take the guesswork out of buying jeans online and make it so simple to find gorgeous new denim at Amazon or other online retailers.  There is a perfect pair of jeans for each body type, so finding your ideal match won’t be hard. Advice shared in this article will help you to determine your own body type and which sorts of jeans are right for you. Whether you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph, here’s how you can find your new favorite pair of jeans.

Ectomorphs have thin frames

If you’re an ectomorph, you have a body like Gwyneth Paltrow or Maria Sharapova. You’re lean, with smaller bones. You may find it tough to keep weight on and lack the muscle mass of the other two body types. Lots of fashion models are ectomorphs. Of course, having the thin build that is prized in so many cultures makes it easy to look good in clothes, because everyone is used to seeing garments displayed on slim models. According to, the best jeans for this slimmer body type are low-rise jeans that help to create the illusion of more curves. Look for a low waistline, a hem that is cropped just a bit, and back pockets that add a bit of fullness. It’s all about giving this sleek body type a bit more sexiness.

Mesomorphs have medium body types

Mesomorphs like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have plenty of muscle and aren’t slim or very curvy. They are somewhere in between. These ladies have curves, to be sure, but also generally have good muscle tone. This is an athletic body type which is right in the middle of the scale. Usually, mesomorphs will have hourglass figures and they look best in jeans that have solid colors and slim cuts. So, avoid the fade designs and designer rips that are so trendy these days. Go for a solid rinse and avoid skin-tight or baggy cuts. When you order jeans like these online, you’re much more likely to get good value from your purchase. Shop for deals on slim jeans in solid tones and consider using digital coupons or rewards programs to get more for your money.

Endomorphs are curvy and big-boned

The endomorph body type is very curvaceous and soft. It’s supremely feminine. Hollywood legends, including the late Marilyn Monroe, and brunette bombshell, Sophia Loren, are endomorphs. This shapely body type looks best in stretch jeans in dark rinses, with higher waists for tummy control. Don’t shy away from stretchy “skinny jeans”, as long as they are dark and the waistline is high. They will look great on you, especially when they are styled with chunky heels and a loose, flowing top.

Order “dream jeans” today

As you can see, there’s just no good reason to shy away from buying jeans online. Now that you know how to shop for your body type, you’ll be ready to find the most flattering pair in no time flat. Great deals on jeans are everywhere online, so be sure to shop around for the jeans of your dreams today.