Carrot Cake and Almond Butter Pops

Carrot Cake and Almond Butter Pops I’ve been good busy since the moment I got home from college. And even my normal busyness (aka work) has been good busy because it involves wine tastings. And lots of cheese. But food and kitchen time have really 

3 Ingredient Coffee Pancakes

Stacks. Not only is that a great Bon Iver song, it also happens to be my latest breakfast obsession. Not complicated, 10 ingredient, can only make these on Sunday kind of stacks. But another simple, (virtually) 3 ingredients, can make these on Wednesday kind of 

Sesame Roasted Asparagus

And although sesame roasted asparagus is about the last thing that goes with barbecue chicken, its exactly what I made. I’ve had this idea in my head that I hated sesame oil. Well, that was until, you know, I actually tried it for the first 

Roasted Strawberry and Rosemary Ice Cream

And now the recipe… Roasted strawberry and Rosemary Ice Cream. Call it a smoothie or a milkshake, but this comes out seriously thick using the same ice cube technique from my Minty Lime Milkshake. As in turn upside down without making a mess thick. No 

Spicy Homemade Pickles

You start going on real dates and then say things to your friends like, “It was fine, but there wasn’t a spark.” Then there’s the slow collection of bills and students loans and pressure. And you buy a little black book and start filling it 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Paleo Oatmeal

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Paleo Oatmeal   There’s close to a million variations on oatmeal swirling around out there in the blog world. It’s like an art form and a game all wrapped into a warm bowl of carbs. How many days straight can you go 

Greek Potato Salad

Mediterranean Potato Salad in Tahini Dressing Inspired by Lise’s recipe which I believe was just her own. I used the ingredients I had on hand and it came out different than her’s but so delicious. It made about 2 servings. 3 small red or white 

Basic Grain Free Waffle

Makes 2 large Belgian waffles or 3-4 smaller waffles. Paleo friendly: grain, dairy, and sugar free. Ingredients 2 Bananas 4 Eggs 1/4 cup Coconut Flour 1/4 cup Almond Milk (or milk of choice, or water) 1/4 tsp baking soda Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger 1/2 tsp Vanilla 

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Salad

  Yum Salad. That’s what my mom suggested we call this one. We both could not stop eating it … I think it’s the saltiness of the black olives mixed with the heartiness of the roasted red peppers mixed with the creaminess of an excellent-quality