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caprese salad omlette

caprese salad omlette

A few nights ago my friend Kyle had some of us over for a barbecue. It was odd being in a real home with my college friends; one that actually had a yard, took more than 10 steps to get from the kitchen to the family room, and wasn’t covered in a sticky film of beer. Ahhh, the real world. It feels good.

caprese salad omlette
caprese salad omlette

I practically always resort to a caprese salad (if it’s summer). This salad is too simple and tastes like a bite of the earth in the middle of July. I mean that in the juiciest, tastiest way possible.

2 pints of cherry tomatoes, a hunk of whole milk mozzarella, tons of fresh basil, raw red onion, extra virgin olive oil, salt, peppah, and I threw in sunflower seeds too for a crunch. It doesn’t get easier or fresher.
And the next morning when I felt paralyzed by food choices once again (which tends to happen pre- IV of coffee) I decided to take the easiest route, involving little to no mental effort; a caprese omelet that tasted just as earthy and wonderful as the salad the night before.
Caprese Omelet

2 whole eggs
Cooking fat (butter, coconut oil, duck fat etc.)
1 small tomato
1 ounce of whole milk mozzarella (that’s a guess for amount, use as much as you prefer)
Handful of fresh basil
Salt, Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Heat a skillet to medium heat and add your cooking fat to coat the pan. Crack the 2 (or 3 or 4) eggs in the pan and poke the yokes so they break. Swirl the pan around use a spatula to stir the eggs until the eggs have spread out evenly. This is called the poke and stir method that I’ve fallen in love with. No dirty dishes!

Slices the tomatoes into rounds and place in a layer on the eggs. Cover with hunks of mozzarella and as much salt and pepper as desired. Cover the pan and allow the eggs to fully cook and the cheese to melt. Throw in the fresh basil toward the end of cooking and fold the omelet over.

Remove from heat and finish with a drizzle of olive oil.

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