13 Cool Technology Gadgets To Buy

13 Cool Technology Gadgets To Buy
13 Cool Technology Gadgets To Buy


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#1 Sun tree- Solar power charger

Save energy by utilizing sun light as much as possible with this solar power charger.



Sun tree- Solar power charger



#2 Car back seat organizer

Keep all your belongings safe and organized while travelling with this super amazing gadget available at a very reasonable price.

Available at AMAZON BUY HERE


Car back seat organizer



#3 Outdoor stadium seats

Never worry about having a comfortable place to sit at beaches or picnics with these comfy and portable outdoor stadium seat.

Price $97.99  — Available at THE GROMMETBUY HERE


Outdoor stadium seats



#4 USB Typewriter

Enjoy the feeling of typing on your iPads and tablets with this amazing USB typewriter. That really is one of the coolest gadgets

Price $899 — Available at UNCOMMON GOODSBUY HERE


USB Typewriter



#5 The lily camera

This lily camera is a super cool flying camera which follows you and makes video that can easily be controlled by you  via control pod or GPS.

Price $899  — Available at MASHABLEBUY HERE


The lily camera



#6 iRoller

Keep your touchscreen smartphones,tablets and iPads or any other touch screen device clean with this re-usable liquid free touch screen cleaner.

Price $18  — Available at THE GROMMETBUY HERE





#7 Swirling water faucet

Nothing can be more beautiful and elegant than a swirling water stream coming out of your taps.

Price $  — Available at TOXEL BUY HERE


Swirling water faucet



#8 Reusable notebook

Always running out of pages in your notebooks while taking notes ? Try out this reusable notebook which lets you sync all your notes to Cloud then erase it in a microwave. Its that simple!!!!

Available at AMAZON BUY HERE


Reusable notebook



#9 Portable foot hammock

Try out this amazing foot relaxing portable hammock .



Portable foot hammock



#10 Dual jet bath spa

A super cool gadget, Make your bath times soothing and relaxing with this portable add on  dual jet bath spa which converts your ordinary bath tub into a place of hot tub pleasure.



Dual jet bath spa



#11 Portable travel safe

Keep all your valuables safe in one place while travelling with this portable travel safe.

Available at AMAZON BUY HERE


Portable travel safe



#12 Frozen treat maker

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this retro style frozen treat maker.

Price $49.47 — Available at NORDSTORMBUY HERE

Frozen treat maker



#13 Wireless earbuds

Try out these  super cool must have wireless earbuds which play music via bluetooth .

Available at AMAZON BUY HERE


Wireless earbuds