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12 Cool Geek Pillows

A solitary toss cushion can include heaps of appeal and character and totally change a room. Discover (at least one!) to supplement your own style.

Below are some cool geek pillow ideas you can choose from.

12 Cool Geek Pillows
12 Cool Geek Pillows

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1.Blood Puddle Pillow:

On the off chance that your concept of a decent time is deceiving individuals into supposing you’ve been shot, these blood puddle cushions are ideal for you. Enlivened by those sensational minutes when a resting adored one is excessively still for a really long time, they are a flippant mix of solace and dread.

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2. Computer Geek Circuit Board Pillow:

This pillow is designed for all the computer lovers out there. Also it is a very good idea to give some fresh look to your room by adding this to your collections.

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3.Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows:

Reboot your livingroom with this three-cushion set, that look as though they’ve hopped appropriate off your console. Produced using Eco-Felt – 100% reused plastic containers – , they are as delicate as strong.

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4) Emoticon Pillows:

How would you say you are feeling? Pick one of the Ridibundus smiley set of cushions to convey it. They come in six styles: :- ), :- D, :- |, :-/, :- (, and, our top pick, :- P, with a tongue that really stands out.

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5) Scrabble pillow:

If you are scholar and can’t avoid flaunting your abilities in room (not that sort of aptitudes) then the Scrabble Pillow is perfect for you. It takes Pillow Talk to the unheard of level.

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6) Rock Pillow:

This cushion rocks – truly. Shake Pillows are fun loving pads, formed and shaded simply like rocks.

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7) Horse head Pillow:

This Godfather-enlivened stallion head extravagant is the ideal indication of the mix-up they once made in wronging you, or for somebody who simply needs a decent shaking up. Everybody has some person that merits one of these terrible cushions.

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8) Rubber Band Pillow:

Any parent whose child has experienced the elastic band furor will welcome this Rubber Band Pillow for keeping the majority of the groups in one place.

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9) Oldie Book Pillow Classics:

This Book cushion is an ideal thing for you on the off chance that you are intrested in reading.You will most likely love this pillow.Book sweethearts celebrate! The Olde Book Pillow Classics is accessible in Treasure Island,

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10) Sleeping Like a Log Pillows:

More agreeable than the genuine article, the Sleeping Like a Log Pillow loans a rural touch to the family room.

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11) NOPE Pillow:

We’re enamored with this “Nope” pad — the ideal weapon against irritating gatecrashers.

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12) The Dransfield Ross Flapper Ribbon Pillow:

Want texture? The Dransfield Ross Flapper Ribbon Pillow highlights striking craftsmanship and adds a variety of shading to your room.

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