12 Accessories For Your Home You Should Buy

12 Accessories For Your Home You Should Buy

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#1 Copper top flatware

Add a little brightness and color to your dinnerware .

Price : $78.00 — Available at : Anthropologie BUY HERE 


Copper top flatware


#2 Llama baby votive holder

These cute holders are an amazing and functional addition to your home decor.

Price: $14.99 — Available at : ModClothBUY HERE


Llama baby votive holder


#3 Take nothing for granite pillow

Give your home decor a unique and stylish look with these trendy pillows.

Price : $29.99 — Available at : ModClothBUY HERE


Take nothing for granite pillow


#4 Queen bee tieback

Get rid of the old fashioned tiebacks with this amazing and trendy Queen bee tieback

Price : $38.00 — Available at : AnthropologieBUY HERE


Queen bee tieback


#5 Decorative chalk globe

Give a trendy look to your study .

Price : $9.97 — Available at : KirklandsBUY HERE


Decorative chalk globe


#6 Collapsible laundry basket

This collapsible laundry basket is an awesome storage saving idea and also excellent for moving around laundry easily.

Price : $21.95 — Available at :Bed Bath & Beyond BUY HERE


Collapsible laundry basket


#7 Magnesium Pop out outlet

Install these pop out outlets and ensure the safety of the kids.

Available at : AmazonBUY HERE


Magnesium Pop out outlet


#8 Flexible ice cube tray

Add a touch of Tropical to your parties and get togethers .

Available at : Amazon BUY HERE


Flexible ice cube tray


#9 Bio luminescent Dino pet 

The most beautiful and amazing item for your home decor .

Price : $59.95 — Available at : UncommonGoodsBUY HERE


Bio luminescent Dino pet


#10 Hanging solar lantern decoration

Give your house a distinctive look with these unique and beautiful hanging lanterns.

Price : $39.99 — Available at : PlowHearthBUY HERE


Hanging solar lantern decoration


#11 Pineapple light

Try out these amazing and extraordinary glow in the dark pineapple lights.

Price : $98.00 — Available at : AnthropologieBUY HERE


Pineapple light


#12 Kitchen self draining sink rack

This self draining sink rack is a must have accessory for a clean and hygienic kitchen.

Price : $5.52 — Available at : GearbestBUY HERE 


Kitchen self draining sink rack

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