10 Great Industrial Furniture Items To Buy For Home

10 Great Industrial Furniture Items To Buy For Home
10 Great Industrial Furniture Items To Buy For Home


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#1 Byre Shelf set

Try out these stylish and elegant ,handmade Byre shelf set.

Price $138.00 — Available at ANTHROPOLOGIEBUY HERE


Byre Shelf set



#2 Iron clad vintage industrial

Give your outdoors a vintage look with these industrial furniture.

Price $varies  — Available at IVIBUILTBUY HERE


Iron clad vintage industrial



#3 Film Reel

Try out these film reels to hang some extra light around the room.

Price $25.00 — Available at ARCHANTIQUESBUY HERE


Film Reel



#4 I-Beam clock

Add an industrial touch to your desk with these I-Beam clocks.

Price $NA  — Available at WESTELM BUY HERE


Beam clock



#5 Bathroom Vanity light

Give your bathroom an industrial vibe with these cool and stylish vanity lights.

Price $345.00 — Available at ETSYBUY HERE


Bathroom Vanity light



#6 Sierra Chair

Give your decor a unique and stylish look with this comfy and cozy sierra chair.

Price $1075.00 — Available at REMODELISTABUY HERE


Sierra Chair



#7 Industrial table legs

Give your dining tables an industrial and rustic look by installing these metal table legs.

Price $130.00 — Available at ETSY —  BUY HERE


Industrial table legs



#8 Personalized retro industrial style bench

These retro style bench are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use .These handmade bench can be personalized with any text .

Price $164.43 — Available at No To The High StreetBUY HERE


Personalized retro industrial style bench



#9 Coffee tables

These  Studebaker factory collection coffee tables are a must have if you love to have a vintage themed decor.

Price $1700 — Available at INMODBUY HERE


Coffee tables



#10 French column table

Place this French column table to give  your living room for a vintage French inspired decor.

Price $9500 — Available at RETRO — BUY HERE


French column table